Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Lamilton Taeshawn

Lamilton Taeshawn, a name that really shouldn't have any meaning to anyone. You see he isn't real although he is modeled after a little delinquent that made the news and shamed African Americans. Anyway, he is an animated character on the Adult Swim series,"The Boondocks". For those of you who are familiar with "The Boondocks" cable series and its subject content, knows that it screams controversy. Hell, I started looking at the series for that reason. For those who are of the faint of heart, I suggest that you not even waste your time watching the series. You need to have a thick skin and not view things as strictly black and white. There are shades of gray and they are extremely hilarious. I digress. Back to Lamilton Taeshawn. He is an 8 yr old little boy that to put it simply is  psychotic. I won't even mince words. He is dangerous, scary and I wouldn't leave anything living in his presence. On second thought, if there is someone or something that you wanted to dispose of or to disappear then Lamilton Taeshawn is your little man. Does that answer any of your questions?
As I sat watching the episode, drinking my Mogen David Blackberry Wine (don't act like you don't know. Atleast it wasn't MD20/20). (Mogen David 20/20 for those of who aren't familar with the finer spirits of yester year) I was oddly hysterical with laughter. OK, let's get this out of the way, I know that children are gifts from God and that they are our future (enter Whitney Houston....pre-crack) yada, yada, yada. Whitney Houston .....what a shame...bygones. Anyway, I don't really think that it's a good idea to depend on the youth of today to be our hope for tomorrow. I'll take my chance in hell. Harsh, but true. Lamilton Taeshawn beat his grandmother down because she would not purchase him fried chicken. He stole her car and wreaked havoc and mayhem in his neighborhood.  He even stole his grandmother's gun and shot Riley's neighbors' dog. When asked why he did all of those  horrific, heinous acts, his response "I like doing bad and unhealthy things". And to add insult to injury, he smoked cigarettes non mentholated (boy, do I miss cigarettes). Yet, his grandmother continued to sing of his praise and goodness despite her beat down. She moaned and preached that his environment shaped and formed him into a menacing, psychotic, crazed, delinquent of a little boy. Pause, now breathe. Really? Many of you will probably disagree with me on this, but I say lock his little butt up and throw away the key. Reform.....hell no. Granted it's only an animated series, but we all know a Lamilton Taeshawn. When I'm out in public and see a "Lamilton Taeshawn", I pray that he or she receives the beat down that they deserve. Reasonable beat down if that is possible. (we all know that a beat down comes varying degrees) Do you remember a couple of years ago when the mother was caught on camera beating her child ? The only mistake she made was getting caught. The whole world failed to see that there are 3 sides to every story, the mother's side, the child's side and what really happened that lead up to that beating. I was not shocked. I guarantee you the child was acting up.....BEAT HER (Color Purple)
Accountability must come into play. The child should accept responsibility(accept their beat down), and so should the delinquent parents . There is no perfect home environment. I will call you a liar if you say so. I believe that there are normal dysfunctional families. There is a simple formula: Crazy antics+issues+love+fights and arguments+beatings= normal dysfunctional. I believe that setting boundaries and scheduling beatings. Yes, scheduled beating. Put the fear of God into those little crumb snatchers. Let them know who is boss, who pays the bills, who brought them into the world and who is going to take them out. Now is not the time to be your child's friend. Be their protector and hero. Be their friend when they get the hell out of your house and stop asking you for money. Now that is friendship.That is love. They may not thank you now, but when they are adults and have not visited a jail other than to bail someone else out (hopefully) they will thank you. So in closing, I say if you see a Lamilton Taeshawn, thank God that the child doesn't belong to you and if you have any sympathy for the parent...slip the parent your belt and be the look out for them. It is your civic duty.
This is a Bottom Named Reach Around and this is my view.


  1. Dear Writer,

    You make some very good points on the fictional character Lamilton Taeshawn. He is a psychopath, and admitted that he loves to do bad things. I believe the appropriate disipline for Lamilton is to put him in a mental institution for life (or as long as it takes for him to earn a better mental health, which is a while). There are 2 different things about Lamilton and Latarian (real lfie one). Latarian did the same shit, but isn't as unemotional as lamilton. When the cops caught him and told him the consequences of doing these bad things, Latarian was in tears, said he was sorry, and promised to never do those ting ever again. In Lamilton's case, Lamilton would just tell the truth, but have no sensitivity whatsoever. No tears, guilt, nothing. That's the difference between a cartoon, and the real world. In the real world, there can be people who would be stupid enough to do this kinnd of shit, but once they get caught by the cops, then they start to admit that they did the wrong thing, and knew it all along, but didn't care because they believe that as long as you don't get caught, then it's ok. Wrong! Latarian was just a 6 or 7 year old child too. Who knows that when he grows older, he might become more mature. The cartoon exaggerated too much on Latarian's story, comparing him to Mike Myers from Halloween. Latarian never shot a neighbor's dog, and he never forced his friend to do more bad things. There's a big difference between his grandmother in real life, and the animated one. The real life one beat his ass with a belt. Most parents do that so that they can get their kids in line, it's not child abuse. Child abuse is when you hit a kid for no reason, and just do it for fun. The animated grandmother did not beat her Lamilton, but showed more sympathy towards her grandson. Instead, she was more protective towards him, trying to make up a story about how he grew up with a difficult childhood. It's ok for parents or guardians to be protective towards their kids, but that doesn't mean that you can just forget about it and not give them any punishment. Also, punishing your child does not mean that you don't love them. Instead, it's the other way around. It's showing that you care about the child, and that you want your child to learn that it's not ok to do bad things. To conclude this, Latarian just says that he like to do bad/hoodrat things, but doesn't really mean it. He's 7 for Christ's sakes. It's not like this kid is a real delinquient and /or anti Christ. Just a kid who thought that it would be cool to wreak his grandmothers car. And when he beat his grandmother for fried chicken, he was just being a kid, and throwing a temper tantrum for not getting what he wants. Most kids do that. But like I said before, put your kid in line. As a guardian/paent, you have the right to show the child disipline for his bad behavior. At the same time, get him the help he needs. Have him talk to a theapist or a psychiatrist. Send him to a mental institute if he keps on doing these bad things. This also shows that you care about your child, and want him to become a normal person in life. Jail is nto the answer because he's too young, and would get scarwed out of his mind, since he would be with a bunch of adults rather than kids his age. As a parent/Guardian, it may hurt to har that you have to get the help your child so desperatly needs, and may feel lonely since he's not there with you at home. But sometimes, it's mandatory. It would be better for your child to get better, than to have him do the same bad stuff over and over again, and nto punishing him or getting him in line by beating and screaming at him.

    1. Dear Reader,
      It was a welcome surprise to see a response to my "Lamilton Taeshawn" blog. First,allow me to say thank you for the time and effort that you spent in discussing your views.Secondly,I too, agree with your comments and do whole heartedly believe in discipline. It equates to love. I received "discipline" in the form of spankings, beatings, etc and I in my 43 yrs of life have never once visited a jail cell not even to visit friends. My closest acknowledgement of jail is the emmy nominated HBO series , that has now become a the iconic example of prison life is "OZ". Damn...I loved Adibisi, but I digress. I am in favor of discipline. Lord knows that I am...but once again thank you. Thank you so much.

  2. What I took from this episode is how black women enable their children to misbehave. The grandma justified almost everything Lamilton did. Then she told that story to the Freemans about Lamiltons dad being laid off at Popeyes?! Another situation of black people not having themselves together. Up until the episode I had no clue about Latarian Milton.Yea the grandma is doing the best she can, but she is getting the return on her bad investment. Meaning one of Lamilton parents is actually her child that she did a terrible job raising. I've seen it all to often. Black women raising their male sons to be thugs & hard...its a sad situation

  3. That is the dumbest shit I've ever heard , @coolyfett how are you going to generalize and say one group of people are the same? Do you think everyone is the same? Life is not just black and white there alot of colors in between.